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Blackjack's injury: Log 1

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Blackjack went intermittently lame recently, starting around a week before Christmas.

Firstly, we examined his legs but did not find any heat, swelling or bumps anywhere, then I trotted him up and identified his near fore as the leg causing the lameness. Then we gave him a week off before bringing him back into work. However, he was lame again so we called the vet. Annoyingly, when the vet came Blackjack was completely sound, even when lunged on a circle. But when he was ridden by Oscar that evening, he became lame after around 15 minutes of work. The next step was to video him being ridden to show the vet his lameness. After we sent this to the vet, she arranged to come up 2 days later. - Blackjack vet video

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