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Oscar’s coding corner

Gold carrots

This is a game coded by Oscar on python. It is a racing game about the horses on our farm, where you can bet on horses and earn our new currency: carrots! The way to play is simple: after clicking the button below, it will ask you which horse you would like to bet on (type the number assigned to each horse: for Harry type 0, for Louie type 1, for Eric type 2, for Blackjack type 3, for Cassie type 4, for Honey type 5, for Ted type 6) and how much you would like to bet (you start with 100 carrots). This will then proceed with the game, showing you how many moves each of the horses is doing until they reach the finish at 100 moves.  Good luck!


This is another game coded by Oscar on python. It is a game where there are 8 horses and 5 stables. 5 of the horses are randomly placed into each stable and 3 stay out. The aim is to guess each horse in each stable. A horse that is guessed but not in any stable is left blank. A horse in a different stable will be told to you and a horse in the correct stable will show their name. Good luck and have fun playing!

Blackjack’s blackjack

This is the third game coded by Oscar. It is a card game where you are given 2 random cards from a deck that you can either stick or twist. Twisting will give you another card and you cannot go over 21. When you have chosen to stick the dealer will reveal their cards and you can see who won. Good luck!

Shoe throw

This is the fourth game coded by Oscar. In this game you have to throw a horse shoe a random distance which is told to you then shown on the grid when the shoe is thrown. You have to press enter for the angle and velocity and the longer it takes you to press enter, the higher or bigger the velocity. The grid will show where the shoe landed by using a green square and the throw can be seen with the blue line showing where the shoe went. Get as close as you can to the target to win. Good luck!

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